Sunday, 7 August 2011

winter winds.

hat&gloves; riverisland, coraljumper&hat; topshop, cableknitleggings; republic.

is anybody else slowly getting sick of the let down that is a british summer and already eyeing up their autumn/winter looks? well count me in on that one! i can't wait to get back into the thick tights, ugg boots and chunky cardigans when you can plan your outfits and know what the weather will be like. there isn't a theme to this wishlist, just a few things i've got my eye on but not too sure if it's far too soon to be buying in your a/w11 wear? i mean it is only august.
i also bought a few goodies over the weekend which i'll post later this week.

jenn xo

Thursday, 4 August 2011


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I seem to have some sort of obsession on this maroon-purple colour at the moment, anything i catch my eye on with this shade is a MUST buy!
01. i've had my eye on this dress for a while now and i think it's perfect for autumn with some tights and a chunky cardigan.
02. i'm loving all the stone jewellery in the shops at the moment so that really explains itself.
03. this skirt caught my attention when i was out the other week and instantly fell in love! the skirt doesn't seem too long (like the majority of maxi dresses & skirts) so it's the perfect length for a midget like me.
04. since topshop released their make-up line i've always fancied trying the skin glow but something always seems to put me off. has anybody tried this before? feedback on this would be ace!
05. THOSE SHOES! i've had them in my asos bag for about two month now and i constantly go back to them and just gaze at my laptop screen for around ten minutes at a time but somehow, as addicted to spending money as i am, i cannot justify paying so much for a pair of shoes.
06. i've had my thomas sabo charm bracelet for three years now and i always try and add to my charm collection every couple of months. who could turn down bambi?

jenn xo

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

So i thought i'd get this blog started with a personal post, a bit of an insight to who i am, what i do & what i'm all about. My name's Jennifer McMurdo but i'm mainly known as 'Jenn' & i only go by that name. I'm eighteen years old and i live in Edinburgh, Scotland & i have done my whole life and probably will for the rest of it. I'm in full-time employment with a tool hire company (hey, someone's gotta' pay for the clothes!) and live at home.
I'm a sucker for anything Toy Story, Maroon and Floral. I love music, clothes, disney, vans, playdough, chinese food and fairy lights. I'm also a self-confessed crackberry addict & it would take the world to stop spinning for me to put it down. Family & Friends are extremely important to me but only if they treat you with the same respect you give them. My other half, Connor, and I have been together since we were fifteen (guess you could say childhood sweethearts if you want) and i couldn't be happier with anybody else.
I've started this blog as a hobby, i've had a tumblr on & off for the past 3 years now and i think it's time to start a-fresh with a brand new blog.

enjoy xo